rokz Winter Cocktail Sugars - drink rimmers in Peppermint, Chocolate & Caramel Vanilla, 3 pk

The holidays are here! Celebrate all your gatherings with these wintry flavors. Peppermint, Chocolate Martini and Caramel Vanilla. Set of 3, 5 oz resealable metallic packages. Each package will rim approx. 50 drinks.

To use: Place about 3 tablespoons of Sugar on a flat plate. Run a wedge of lime around the rim of a cocktail glass then dip the moistened rim into the mixture and rotate the glass until evenly coated.

These colorful sugars will add sparkle, color and flavor to all your holiday cocktails.

A sugared rim will add just the touch of flavor and sweetness to set off a cocktail perfectly

Simply wet the edge of your glass and dip into the sugar for a new twist on the usual garnish.

rokz cocktail effects - shaking up the cocktail.