Cocktails Fancy and Delicious Recipes for All Tastes

Do you fancy a cocktail party? Then this book is the best basis for a successful evening with your friends. 124 classic and innovative recipes invite you to mix and experiment. Organized into the chapters: Cocktails, Short Drinks, Frozen Cocktails, Shots, Long Drinks, Hot and After-Dinner Drinks, and non-alcoholic Drinks, the book offers cocktails and mixed drinks for differing tastes and occasions. Each recipe comes with a short informative text with interesting facts about the drink's history or other background information

Plus, there are tips for the presentation and modification of the recipes. Photographs show how to present the drinks originally and elegantly. Cocktails is completed with an informative appendix with a register for spirits and names and an overview table for the 58 most important liquors, their ingredients and flavors.

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Author:Eliq Maranik

Subtitle:Fancy and Delicious Recipes for All Tastes

Publisher:Ullmann Publishing




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Length (mm):259

Additional Info:Eliq Maranik worked in gastronomy for five years before becoming a freelance art director in book production, and then specialized in high-quality culinary publications as managing editor. Her first book, Cocktails, was awarded the Gourmand Cookbook Award as the best cocktail book in Sweden.

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